Sexual Issues and Type 1 Diabetes

Type one diabetes has been associated with sexual dysfunction in both men and women since it was discovered. Therefore, the patients should recognize that they are charged with the responsibility of keeping their sexual life healthy through managing and controlling all the diabetic associated factors that may impair their sexual health. It has been a relief to many people experiencing this type of complication since advancement in technology has made it possible to prevent and treat such sexual conditions. This article will shed light into some of these sexual issues and how they can be managed

Men Associated Issues

Men Associated Issues

In a number of instances, diabetes can lead to complications in the nervous system. At times also, blood circulation in the body may be affected when diabetes is not well managed. Since nerves and blood circulation play a major role in ejaculation and erection, men suffering from the nervous system and circulation system complications may also suffer from erectile dysfunction. Hyperglycemia tends to negatively impact on the blood vessels in all parts of the body such as the kidney, the eyes, the heart and the penis. When the blood vessels are changed or affected, it becomes hard for men to maintain an erection which negatively affects their sexual life. This occurs since the blood vessels in the erectile tissues of the penis are hardened and become narrow which hampers the flow of blood into these tissues. In other instances, nerve damage may make the ejaculate to go to the bladder rather than flowing through the penis.

Solutions in Men

There exists a number of ways through which diabetes sexual dysfunction condition in men can be treated. The patient may receive the normal erectile dysfunction treatment that is administered to the overall population. However, the administered dose should be somewhat higher than the usual dose administered to the other people who are not suffering from this condition. Other forms of treatment such as injecting the treatment directly into the penis tissues, placement of medicinal pellets into the urethra or even using a vacuum pump can be considered. A surgery is also another form of treatment that one can opt for. Cases of retrograde ejaculation can be treated by administering a special type of medication that helps the bladder’s sphincter muscles grow sturdier.

Women Associated Issues

Women are also victims of sexual dysfunction due to diabetes. This, however, is associated with poor control of blood glucose which leads to hormonal changes and reduced flow of blood to the genitals. The hardening of blood vessels around the walls of the vagina leads to an estimate of 15% of women diabetic patients experiencing sexual dysfunction. This leads to problems like the inability to achieve an organism, a reduction of genitals sensation, arousing difficulties, the sex drive decreases, discomfort when performing the coital activity and vaginal dryness. Moreover, women suffering from type 1 diabetes are at a high risk of contracting yeast infections.

Solutions in Women

Women suffering from sexual dysfunction associated with diabetes can adhere to a number of simple solutions. In cases where there is discomfort or even pain during coitus or in cases of vaginal dryness, the vaginal lubricant can help alleviate the associated conditions. Kegel exercise is also another solution that can work in most women suffering from this condition. This form of exercise helps the pelvic floor muscles to grow stouter hence improving the response of a woman to sex


In order to have a healthy sexual life, the amount of blood glucose must be controlled. This is a prevention measure that is worth being taken by everyone. The recommendations given by the doctor should be perfectly followed in order to keep your glucose level in control. This is because the doctor may have found out that the problem you are suffering from can be diabetes unrelated. In such a case, the doctor would then administer other forms of medication or suggest other treatment options such as a change in the lifestyle. When these instructions are taken seriously, you have a chance of having the problem solved.


Despite the numerous challenges associated with type 1 diabetes, one can always have a healthy sexual lifestyle. If your sexual performance is being negatively affected, you should first consider going for psychotherapy in order to reduce the emotional issues or find a solution to the stressing factors that are hindering your sexual performance. Alternatively, you should visit the doctor to help you evaluate the available treatment options for a healthy sexual life.

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